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The first summer month of June is the hottest month with average temperatures between 25 and 31 degrees. The warmest time of the year is generally the end of September, when highs regularly reach -31 degrees Celsius, with temperatures rarely dropping below -25 degrees at night.

The rainy season, on the other hand, lasts from June to November, but there is no shortage of sunshine. During the period from May to October, the weather is hot and humid, and there are frequent showers and thunderstorms, which sometimes occur abundantly.

Most showers do not last too long, however, and quickly kneel for a few minutes in the tropical sun. The warm weather on the beaches of Guadeloupe is again based on a combination of warm and humid conditions, with a light trade wind that is also pleasant at times. Sometimes there may be stronger waves and bad weather, but the rain does not reduce the hours of sunshine too much. Rain falls during the rainy season, which can be intense but generally does not last long.

Guadeloupe is beautiful, sunny and warm, making it a great choice for people who like the warm weather of Guadeloupe to enjoy a holiday on the Caribbean island. If you don't mind the weather risks, you can enjoy a fantastic holiday in Guadalupe in the spring and summer months in the best weather.

This does not mean that the months of July and November are not suitable for a trip to Guadeloupe at all. Due to the climatic conditions, December to June is the best time to visit Guadalupe. As of October 7, 2019, there are no travel warnings or warnings in Guadeloupe, so don't expect to be taking a casual trip to the Caribbean anytime soon. The government's website simply says: 'Normal security precautions are in place and you are not allowed to go on holiday.

Get the latest weather forecast for Guadeloupe, the Caribbean and the rest of the world and you need to be ready for every day.

The following is the climate table for Guadeloupe, which contains the current temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, humidity and wind direction for the year.

If you want to visit Guadeloupe in a very warm time, the hottest months are September, July and then June. If you are looking for dry weather, it is March, October, then February and from July to November when the rain falls. Get a monthly weather forecast, including daily highs and lows and historical averages, to help you plan. The maximum temperatures will be between 88 ° C and 2 ° C, the lowest temperatures will be between -2 ° C and 3 ° C, with a maximum of -1.5 ° C and a minimum of 0.8 ° C and 1.2 ° C.

The driest period, in which rainfall falls below 100 mm in a month, lasts from March to January and from January to March. The wettest month is November (76.3%), the wettest months are September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October. During the driest months of the year, the months with the lowest humidity will be October and November.

The very violent hurricane that struck Guadeloupe in September 1928 was Okeechobee and another was Hugo that hit the country on 17 September 1989. The average humidity is around 77% and there are no cool or dry periods of the year, so this is a good time to visit Guadalou pepe. There are a number of good times for puppies, but it is busiest from December to May and the driest months from October to November.

Whatever the season, chances are that the weather in Guadeloupe will exceed your expectations. We expect to see at least one shower in 18 to 27 days of the month, indicating that unexpected showers may occur at any time during the day. Good rainfall is expected in mid-July, but the most likely time to see rain is mid-July to the end of the month, with the exception of June, July and August.

Here are some average weather data collected from historical climate data for Guadeloupe. On average, temperatures are always high: during the day they reach 27 degrees, at night they fall to 21 degrees. The minimum temperature, which is usually given as night temperature in Guadalupe, is 23.0degc (73,4degf). On average, the temperature is always higher and the daytime temperature usually reaches 27 degrees, except in June, July and August, when it drops to -21 degrees at night.

Because the island is so close to the equator, the lowest temperature you will likely see is usually just under 20 degrees. The June average has a maximum of 83AdegF (28.3ADegC) and a low of -21.0degc (-7.4degF). The winter low is averaging around 69C. (20.6C), and the average winter high for Guadeloupe in July is 83Aegis (28.3C).

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