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One of the biggest problems when visiting the Caribbean is that there are so many different languages, whether it is French or not. French Caribbean, but I do not think it is easier to visit these islands than to travel to Europe. The official language of Guadeloupe is French, as in all French overseas departments, and that is a big problem when you come to Guadeloupe. If Martinique is a French-speaking island, you will miss some of its influence because it is French.

Much of what is sold in Guadeloupe is also imported from France, so the avocados could simply come from Spain, and a large proportion of the food in the grocery store is imported, meaning that prices are European rather than Caribbean. As it is a French overseas department, it uses the European currency, which means that the price is expressed in euros. If you shop in a big store, like a Carrefour supermarket, you will break out the big bills but they won't accept cash to make changes, so it could be difficult. The big grocery stores also carry a lot of imported goods such as meat, eggs, milk, cheese and other foods, although Guadalupe is home to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

If you are adventurous, you might want to look for some of the local goods, but you need to get organized and book well in advance if you are guaranteed to stay at least two days, or even three or four days in Guadeloupe. Those who wanted to devote part of their holiday to shopping could go to St. Barts to do some shopping.

Florist services in Guadeloupe allow you to choose from a wide range of flowers, flowers that can be stocked with fun gifts and cakes. With the online flower delivery service, it is easy to find and find a florist inGuadelOUpe. In addition to the places listed below, there are also a number of local florists in St. Barts and other parts of the island.

In search of the cheapest place to buy souvenirs, many tourists choose the market in Sainte Anne. On the French side there is a market with a wide range of souvenir items for sale, such as jewelry, clothing, shoes, jewelry and other items.

Le Moule Grande Terre also has a shopping centre that is open from Monday to Saturday, which is unusual in Guadeloupe, but it is not the most welcoming part of the island and it is not always the best place to stay as it must be a busy business centre. If you drop by until then, there are plenty of pretty French colonial buildings to discover and markets to cover, such as the market for spices. This market is the epicentre of local flavours, with a wide selection of island dishes that are replicated in their own kitchens. It is a great place to visit the local shops, restaurants, shops and other tourist attractions in the area. Le Moules Grande Terre is also charming, there are also a good number of restaurants and bars, some of which are not uncommon in Guadalupe.

Sainte Anne also has a small beach and a market that runs along the waterfront where you can buy homemade rump made of pineapple, guava and passion fruit, served with a kick. There is a wandering saleswoman of freshly made coconut sorbet who wants to sell her wares until they melt, but this is not the best choice for shopping, as it is one of the only places in Guadeloupe where you can expect to be harassed on the beach of this city.

This image is only a clue to the title and may not exactly represent the product supplied by the local florist in Guadeloupe.

I suggest skipping the shopping tour from Pointe - a dirt road - to go to Fort de France in Martinique, as you will find many more goods and perhaps a friendly service there. T - Mobile's free international data is your best friend in Guadeloupe, as the island is one of 115 countries covered by the Simple Choice plan. Although the company has a mobile phone company, there are no specific roaming specifications for the devices. However, if you visit the island from any EU country, they are part of France, so you can use your mobile minutes and data without additional roaming costs.

There are also neighbouring islands, including Martinique, Dominica and St Lucia, and several companies offer scheduled flights to Iile Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and St Lucia.

If that's not enough, there are three other islands in the archipelago, including Marie Galante, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda. MarieGalante is the largest and flatter of the three, but is also operated by the same airline as the other two islands, Virgin Islands Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

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