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One of the best ways to sail in Guadeloupe is with an eight-day catamaran adventure. Spending time on the water in a kayak or boat and floating through the waters during a sunset cruise is a good reason to visit Guadalajpe.

On Sainte Anne Island you can participate in the great drum festival (called Gwo Ka by the locals), which is called "Gwo - Ka" by the locals. There is also a party boat that operates from Gosier Pointe - a - Pitre and you will find fantastic snorkeling opportunities. The Bas du Fort Marina is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guadalajpe for its excellent gastronomic and entertainment offerings.

In July, the Miss Guadeloupe beauty pageant takes place, where you can admire some of the most beautiful girls from all over the Caribbean. You will admire the beauty of the beautiful beaches of Guadalajpe, its beautiful people and its amazing natural beauty.

In Guadeloupe, two big night parades are held, the Rose Monday and the Grand Prix de Guadalajpe. Carnival Monday is also considered one of the most important events in the history of the city and an important tourist attraction on the island.

Carnival friends and crowds of spectators celebrate the death of the Carnival King, who is represented by a puppet ("bwa - bwa" in Creole), which is burned at the end of a ceremony. A parade is held on the Dimanche Grass, where the traditional dance of Vaval, the king of the carnival, is performed with his wife and children. To translate it to "Vaval leaves," the audience pretends to cry, but the carnival is officially over. At the end of this funeral he is cremated while everyone sings in Creole, and then he dies.

The 2021 Carnival dates in Guadeloupe officially begin on Friday 1 January and end on Saturday 2 February, the day before the first day of the New Year. The 2020 Guadagno Carnival is the same as the 2020 New Year's Day, while the Guaderue Carnival officially begins on January 1 and ends on Sunday December 3 with a parade on the Dimanche grass. In addition to the traditional funeral and procession, the Carnival celebrations in Guadalupe also end at the end of the year, on Monday, the 4th of July.

There are, however, three parades that take place on Shrove Sunday and Ash Wednesday, which are the climax of the Guadeloupe Carnival and take place during the three great days of celebration and jubilation, and are not only popular with the locals, but also attract many tourists to the beautiful Caribbean island to celebrate the carnival. December is also the time for the New Year Carnival, a sound and jazz festival that moves different districts. A huge parade is held on the Dimanche lawn, with numerous invited groups from all over the world and local and international tourists.

During the Carnival in Guadeloupe, which takes place in early January, various activities are organised throughout the year. There are festivals and events in guadeloupe all year round, and you can always plan a visit for the festivities. Caribbean spirit, to see it with your own eyes, it is not necessary to wait for a festival.

July is also the name of a national holiday, the Fete la Bastille, a celebration of the French Revolution in Guadeloupe. This holiday is celebrated on July 4th, the day after the key event that marked the beginning of the French Revolution: the Battle of Paris.

Victor Schoelcher plays a role in the history of Guadeloupe and, more generally, the world. One of the most important events that take place in Guadalupe is celebrated on July 4th with the Fete de la Bastille. In addition to this very famous local event, there is also an annual event called Carfita Games, a race that is organized every year on the island.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, Guadeloupe is a great place to practice this exciting sport. There is no shortage of beautiful beaches in Guadalupe and there are many good ways to get started, whether on the beach, in the sea or even on a boat at one of the many public beaches.

One of the best things to do in Guadeloupe is to spend a day at La Desirade, the most popular beach in the Caribbean and one of our favorite surf spots. Choose to visit the island and spend an incredible vacation in the Caribbean or contact a local tourism expert to organize your stay.

If you want to get married in Guadeloupe, please consult the local authorities for the information. If you are planning to buy a property or make other investments in Guadeloupe, please seek legal advice first.

First there is a group of snare drums, where dancers and musicians take part in a parade with their feet, wear costumes in very bright colours and dance to the rhythm of wind instruments. Zouk is the traditional dance style of Guadeloupe, the home country, with beautiful decorations presented to the public. Traditional genres include Gwoka, a combination of traditional music, dance, dance, singing, drumming and dance.

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